A-Grade Tutoring Centre was found in 2004 by Pushpinder Bhullar, a

Mechanical Engineering Graduate (Ryerson University, Toronto) and

 Manmeet Bhullar, OCT, a Math and Science Ontario certified teacher.

A-Grade tutoring centre offers private tutoring and is committed to help your

children to excel academically to achieve A Grades. By using our special

teaching strategies childen can be successful in their school life and their

career. We help students to achieve their goals, academically, during the

school year. Also we ensure that children not only improve their grades in the

different subjects but also maintain their grades. At A-Grade Tutoring we have

comfortable learning environment so that students can ask more questions as

compared to large classroom sizes at school. We focus more on practice and

motivate children to become more confident.

The teaching strategies used at A-Grade Tutoring Centre are strong enough to

 achieve children’s goals. We have small size groups and we design tutoring

programs according to the level of every individual student to ensure that

students improve their grades. Our tutoring programs are specialized for Math,

Science, and English for Kindergarten to Grade 12 and College students. A-

Grade Tutoring Centre has a group of teachers that includes Engineering

graduates from Ryerson University, Toronto and Ontario Certified teachers. So

all the teachers are highly qualified, experienced and know how to improve the

students academically.









A-Grade Tutoring Centre provides an interactive learning environment and can be reached at

Address: Unit #2, 1098 Peter Robertson Blvd,
Telephone: 905-790-1516
E-mail: info@agradetutoring.ca

Address: 7259, Redfox Road Mississauga
Telephone: 905-790-1516
E-mail: info@agradetutoring.ca